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Bandera -- A genesis of musical styles combining the influences of Rock and Rhythm and Blues with a touch of soulful Latin.

The band consists of four members from distinct backgrounds --

John Garzon -- Colombian born songwriter and guitarist/vocalist. John grew up in New York City influenced by Jimmy Page and Juanes. "I love writing music about Love and the struggle for peace in the world."

Olawa Gibson -- lead vocals and percussion. Olawa Soulful blues singer that leads Bandera and interprets the music with an amazing voice influenced by Sade and Billy Holiday. "I love singing as a passion and performing live is what I do best!”

Carl DeAngelis -- the bass and bottom of Bandera music. Carl has a blues and rock background and he loves to play those old standard blues tunes from the Mississippi Delta and Chicago, influenced by Elmore James and Muddy Waters. "I love playing the bass for Bandera and I’m still working on doing the world tour!"

John Dennehy -- Drummer and time keeper for Bandera. John is like a time machine. His beat never stops and he keeps the Bandera groove on. Influenced by Kiss, the Ramones and John Bonham. "I love to play the drums and entertain my fans – it’s what I live for!!! "

Greg Seid -- tenor and alto sax is living his dream playing with Bandera. He loves to play Jazz, Blues and Rock n Roll. Greg says, "What an amazing rush to express myself as an artist and look out to the crowd and see their appreciation and joy". Greg is inspired by all musicians who put their souls out there every night making music for pure enjoyment.

Together John, Olawa, Carl, Greg and Jay are Bandera. We play for the joy and passion that we feel for the music. Come join us on this incredible journey!!!